• 25 Follow the Science trivia game questions
  • 25 All Things Viral trivia game questions



If you already have the Standard Edition Citizen Outbreak Trivia Game, you can mix the trivia cards from the Hoarder Pack in with those included in the Standard Edition game, or you can keep them apart…It’s up to you! The point is you have a lot more trivia game questions at your disposal!

As a standalone game, the Hoarder Pack is best enjoyed by two to 6 players at a time. Players can enjoy the game as teams or as individuals. 

Our trivia is divided into two separate game categories:


Follow the Science:  Trivia related to matters of public health, pandemics, and Covid-19.

All Things Viral: Trivia covering just about everything else that made headlines these past few years. 

Players (or teams) take turns reading and answering game trivia questions.

Each turn consists of one trivia question and answer. The player (or team) answering the question selects the category of trivia.

The player (or team) to score the most correct trivia answers wins the game. 

We advise that you choose your own game winning point total, depending upon the size of your group and desired gaming experience. We trust you…


Have fun!


Citizen Outbreak tracks all the remarkable events that shaped our lives these past few years. In creating the game, we set out to provide players the most comprehensive and entertaining catalogue of trivia related to these incredible moments. As we worked to improve our game, updating and editing trivia questions in every prototype we printed, we quickly found ourselves wanting to add more and more content into the game.  

The Citizen Outbreak Hoarder Pack includes 25 Follow the Science trivia game questions and 25 All Things Viral trivia game questions. That’s a total of 50 additional trivia game questions!

If you’ve already purchased our Standard Edition Citizen Outbreak Trivia Game, the Hoarder Pack makes for a wonderful addition to your gaming experience. BUT you do not need to have already purchased the Standard Edition to enjoy the Hoarder Pack. This pack is filled with hilarious and thought-provoking trivia content that will entertain you and your fellow players!