• 1 Citizen Outbreak Standard Edition


  • 25 additional All Things Viral  trivia questions!
  • 25 additional Follow the Science trivia questions!



Game cards from the Hoarder Pack can be mixed in with or kept separate from those included in the Standard Edition game…It’s up to you! The point is you have a lot more trivia game questions!

The Citizen Outbreak card game is a multiple-choice trivia card game for two or more players. Players can enjoy the game as teams or as individuals. 


Our trivia is divided into two separate game categories:


Follow the Science:  Trivia related to matters of public health, pandemics, and Covid-19.

All Things Viral: Trivia covering just about everything else that made headlines these past few years. 

Players (or teams) take turns reading and answering game trivia questions.

Each turn consists of one trivia question and answer. The player (or team) answering the question selects the category of trivia.

Boosters! If a Booster game card is drawn, the player (or team) that draws the card gets to answer two questions in a row!

Lockdown – If a Lockdown game card is drawn, the player (or team) that draws the card misses two turns.

The player (or team) to score the most correct trivia answers wins the game. 

We advise that you choose your own game winning point total, depending upon the size of your group and desired gaming experience. We trust you…


Have fun!


These times we live in are content rich! It seems as though every 15 minutes that alert bell rings, announcing the arrival of the latest crisis that demands our undivided hysteria…one crazy thing after the next!

With everything going on, we felt we needed to give you more. We know once you open our game box and get on a roll, you won’t want to stop! 

Our Citizen Outbreak Hoarder Edition game comes complete with the Citizen Outbreak Standard Edition card game, plus the Hoarder Pack game cards!

The Citizen Outbreak Hoarder Pack game includes 25 additional Follow the Science trivia game questions and 25 All Things Viral trivia game questions. That’s a total of 50 additional trivia game questions!