• 125 All Things Viral  trivia question
  • 125 Follow the Science trivia questions
  • 5 Lockdown Cards
  • 5 Booster Cards



The Citizen Outbreak card game is a multiple-choice trivia card game for two or more players. Players can enjoy the Citizen Outbreak game as teams or as individuals. 


There are two categories of trivia:

Follow the Science:  Trivia related to matters of public health, pandemics, and Covid-19.

All Things Viral: Trivia covering just about everything else that made headlines these past few years. 

Players (or teams) take turns reading and answering questions.

Each turn consists of one question and answer. The player (or team) answering the game question selects the category of trivia.

Boosters! If a Booster card is drawn, the player (or team) that draws he card gets to answer two questions in a row!

Lockdown – If a Lockdown card is drawn, the player (or team) that draws the card misses two turns.

The player (or team) to score the most correct answers wins the game. 

We advise that you choose your own winning point total, depending upon the size of your group and desired experience. We trust you…

Have fun!


Our standard edition card game comes with 250 trivia game questions covering the full spectrum of extraordinary events and issues that transpired during the pandemic. The questions are equally divided between our two categories of trivia; Follow the Science and All Things Viral.:

Follow the Science

From “2 weeks to slow the spread” to universal mandates, and everything else that fell in in between, Follow the Science trivia covers all things relating to the pandemic, public health, and Covid-19. 

Remember when all your friends became public health experts overnight? See how much they actually know? 

How engaged were you? How much do you recall? 

Follow the Science and discover the bizarre and intriguing, hilarious and scary, surprising details that you may have missed during the pandemic! 

All Things Viral:

Viral push up challenges, toilet paper shortages, reality shows about exotic animals and a whodunit murder mystery that captivated the population, civil unrest, meme stocks, “Covfefe,” mask shamers and half naked zoom calls…All Things Viral captures all the surreal and sensational moments that set trends and made headlines throughout these past few crazy years!

Whether you were in St. Louis, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Paris, or Los Angeles, All Things Viral will have you and your friends laughing through the game trivia questions as you reminisce and reflect on all the hysterical moments you may have forgotten. 

Lockdowns and Boosters!

Your Standard Edition card game also includes 5 Lockdown game cards and 5 Booster game cards! 

If you pull Lockdown game card, you miss two consecutive turns. Pick up a Booster game card and you get to answer 2 trivia game questions in a row!

The Citizen Outbreak card game is built for everyone. We created our trivia game to provide a fun way to connect and relate about the consequential and extraordinary events that changed our world forever.

I am. You are. We are Citizen Outbreak!